Garner Wedding

If you are anything like me, you are going to scroll through his post, and head straight for the pictures. I get it, but when you are done, come back and read these words. 

Sam contacted me for wedding pictures, and mentioned she was looking into someone else. I not only put my bid in, but asked what I could do to make the job mine. Photos are forever, and when it comes to understanding Sam, you have to understand the tiny community of Homer. If the choice was me, or someone she didn’t know… I was going to make dang sure I got the job. 

While this day wasn’t about me, I left feeling SO STINKIN’ FULL! 

Homer, where the bride and I are from, is a small town that is hard to understand. We love each other, we drive each other crazy and most of us wouldn’t change that. We are safe in our bubble and there is such freedom with that. I took that for granted as a teen.

The morning started at the local salon. The owner had to leave to go to the fairground so she left us instructions to lock up ourselves. Where else does that happen!? Only Homer. The brides best friend, and maid-of-honor came with her BRAND NEW baby!! It was such a treat to meet her. 

We ran outside for a few images, and the local bar owner ran out of the bar to get a look at Sam and all the beautiful wedding party! LOL. She even offered to help me make them smile. I wont tell you how she did it! HA!

Once we arrived to the venue the bride got dressed, and the picture taking began!! We started with a first look with he brides dad… THE. WATER. WORKS!

The ceremony was gorgeous. The bride snuck a kiss when the groom got emotional. Parents and grandparents were sniffling. It was some Nicholas Sparks type stuff, y’all!

THEN, the fun began! The reception was peppered with the most thoughtful gestures, but one of the most special was when everyone joined in to sing “God Bless America” as a solute to those who have or are currently serving. Again, ALL. THE. WATER. WORKS! Just look at the bride hug her father! The prayer by the father of the groom and the speeches were memorable and touching as well.

Check out this last batch of pictures from the pavilion. Dancing, celebrating, and golden light. Our little town, and all the best it has to offer, came to light at the wedding of Samantha and James Garner.

While the world feels crazy and chaotic at times, in small town America, I know there is still good. When one of us celebrates, the entire town comes together. We all celebrate, as a community. It moves the soul.

Congrats to YOU Sam and Jim! Thank you for choosing me! It was an honor!

And I can’t end this post with out saying it… Homer is Home. #HomerStrong


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