Kelly and Locky- Engagement Session


I met these two about a year ago at a house warming party that was FULL of people and a bit of a blur. I was so glad they thought of me for their engagement photos. Thanks, Brit, for helping us make that connection!

As per usual, he wasn’t too sure about the whole ordeal (most guys aren’t), but it didn’t take long at all for him to warm up. It’s my job to get people interacting in a way that makes them forget about my camera. I’m just a cool third- wheel who happens to have a camera. HA! 😉

I wonder if they had any idea on their first date, putt-putt golfing, that they would ever end up here, taking engagement pictures and planning their big day. Life throws us so many curve-balls and some of them are such sweet surprises.

When I saw these tulips, I just knew I HAD to take a few shots with them. Thankfully Kelly ran with my vision, and Locky played along too. They even agreed to continuously walk along a black wall, which sounds weird, but guys… just look at their expressions! I’m LOVIN’ it!

At one point, I called Kelly’s name to have her look back, and Locky DEAD PAN looked into my camera. It struck me as funny, I wheeze laughed, and the entire session was giggles from there on out. Sorry you two had to hear my obnoxious laugh! Its a signature move of mine. 

A little outfit and location change was all we needed to round out this beautiful session. The greenery was stunning. By the end of the evening, Kelly and I had decided that it was so much fun we should probably just go ahead and plan on a 1 month anniversary shoot, and 2 month anniversary shoot, 3 month… doesn’t seem excessive at all, right!? Us girls can dream!

Thank you, Kelly and Locky for thinking of me! I loved your session and think you have some beautiful images to cherish forever!


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