Sovinsky – Family Session

I love this family. Truly. They are friends, and the easiest clients to date.

We met last Saturday at a little trail set off the road. It was a perfect day. The weather was phenomenal, and it felt so good to finally be shooting out doors again.

Little Miss Ava never knows what to think about my camera, or my pinecone throwing antics, but never the less, we got a few smiles!!

The meadow area off the trail was *insert Italian chef kissing noise*! The green grass and open space was just what Ava needed to run out her 19 month old energy.

We stopped for some book reading. Ava loves reading with her mama who, just so happens to be a kindergarten teacher. It’s so surprise Ava already knows 10 letters!

I’m a complete sucker for detail shots. I love saving the tiny nuances of everyday life that can get overlooked. Her little hands and the way she has to climb the stairs. Beyond sweet.

Although Ava was the star of the shoot, we certainly got a few great shots with her mom and dad.

Family sessions are so important. I know the Sovinsky’s will look back on these with love and fond memories of days that are moving way too fast.

And while I’m here, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MEGAN!!

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