Hailey Dail – Fresh48

Honestly, Fresh 48 just might be my all time favorite sessions, especially when it is just mom, dad, and baby. The moments are so real, the exhaustion and excitement wrapped into the best kind of blur. Hailey Dail was no exception.

Do you want to see the cutest baby you have ever seen?” asked dad as he opened the door to their room. Obviously, yes, yes I did. He wasn’t wrong… she was scrumptious, people.

The sweet little gal was all snuggled up and hardly made a peep as I set to work. Chris and Carolyn recalled their last 48 hours for me, as I worked. They relaxed, Hailey listened to their voices and sunk into a deep newborn sleep. It was sweet, it was sincere.

I still can’t decide what I loved more, the hair, or the cheeks.

Chris and Carolyn, thank you for trusting me with one of the most precious moments of your life. <3

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